About Us

We are committed to provide safe industrial solutions to many factories

Welcome to Plastic Conversion Equipment South Africa

​PCESA was founded in 2020 by Tymica Varrie who wanted to follow in her grandfather ( Tony Varrie founder of Plasquip ) footsteps. PCESA supplies capital equipment and technical support to the plastic industry in South Africa.
Our head office is in Durban which is near the main port of entry into South Africa. We have staff in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Harare. PCESA has

Mark Varrie, who began as a toolmaker in 1982 in the plastic industry and trained at machine manufacturers in Europe. Mark has 38 years of experience in leading the Technical Division while travelling abroad to keep up with the latest technologies to bring to the South African market.

We offer advice on plant design and energy requirements while utilising the latest technologies available. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in supporting and maintaining equipment in the field and can draw on a wide range of critical spare parts from local stockholders and specialize in installing and commissioning equipment without the need for overseas technicians. We have started
training new young technicians who will benefit the plastic industry later.

Plastic Conversion Equipment South Africa has developed over the years as an excellent network of suppliers from whom it can provide a wide range of products.